What is the minimum/maximum group size?

There are no minimum or maximum group sizes. Whether you're traveling with 10 art students to New York or 110 band members to Austria, we at Global Educational Travel will be happy to provide you with a quote, free of obligation. And, unlike other educational tour companies, we never combine you with other school tours -- no matter the size of your group. You're in full control of your tour's content throughout the entire trip. No more sharing coaches, no more re-routed flights, and no more chaperoning another school's students! With Global Educational Travel, your trip is truly your own.


Global Educational Travel uses only the best motor coaches, airlines, boats, trains and other means of transport. Safety and comfort for our clientele are among our highest priorities.


All our hotels have been inspected by members of the Global Educational Travel team and provide excellent value for money. Although some destinations in the world offer different standards and smaller rooms than North Americans have come to expect, we ensure the properties we use have private washrooms (unless otherwise specified) comfortable sleeping arrangements and up-to-date safety features.

We also take into consideration extras other companies don't even consider! We ensure:

  • Boys & girls are separated by floor, wherever possible
  • Pay TV options are unavailable to students
  • Night watch security is available upon request
  • Rooms are not on the first floor, wherever possible
  • There is no access to roofs/parking lots etc from hotel rooms, wherever possible

In short, we cut no corners and take no chances - student safety is our number one concern


Sampling different cuisines is an integral part of travel. We ensure students are given the opportunity to sample local specialities and are provided with nutritious meal options and ample portions.

Special Meal Requirements

In almost all instances we can deal with participants with special meal requirements. Whether it be allergies, religious restrictions or even just the whims of a finicky eater, we do our best to accommodate all requests to ensure students and teachers alike are properly looked after while on tour. It is best to contact our sales department to discuss your particular requirements and concerns. Each destination may have different limits. To contact our sales department by e-mail, click here

Customized Tours

You are welcome to choose any of our pre-made itineraries, but why not take advantage of our ability to customize all tours? Add a Broadway show on your trip to New York, include an excursion to a Sumo match in Japan, or simply lengthen your stay in France to enjoy the sights and sounds of Paris for an extra day. With Global Educational Travel, the possibilities are endless!
We don't force you to conform to our schedule, to our itinerary, or even to our pricing. We'll add extra excursions, delete meals, change hotels, switch restaurants, all in the name of putting together the tour of your dreams. If you don't find that tour of Spain with a stopover in Stockholm you've been thinking about, give us a call and we'll design one just for you. Remember, if you decide against it, you're under no obligation to us.

Student Travel

The primary objective for all our educational tours is just that: Education. We design all our tours with students in mind -- and what's more, we'll be happy to discuss ways in which we can focus the tour even more based on your specific curriculum. Whether you're a bandleader, choir conductor, drama teacher, history professor or rugby coach, we'll draw on both our experience and your expertise to customize a tour that's perfect for you and your students.
We also understand that students, much like adults, need a balance between leisure and educational activities to keep them engaged in the learning process. When designing tours, we pride ourselves on offering the best tours exclusively for students.

Supervisors travel free

As those of you know who have travelled with students before - supervising a student group is no holiday. There is generally no time to casually stroll the streets of London or spend lazy days relaxing in Tuscany on student tours. Supervisors are asked to provide 24-hour supervision to a group of students with diverse tastes and needs, in a foreign country or city. In many cases, supervisors give up their spring break, winter vacation or summer holidays to selflessly provide their students with a once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunity. It should go without saying then, that there is no cost to the supervisors on any of our tours.
All tours are priced with a ratio of 1 supervisor free for every 10 students, but the ratio can be raised or lowered on your request. Keep in mind however, that adding an extra complimentary supervisor will inevitably increase the cost of the tour per student.

Can I book through a travel agent? When are deposits due? When are final payments due, and what method of payment is accepted?

Bookings must be made directly with Global Educational Travel. We have sales offices in the USA, Canada and UK. You may book a tour or request a quote by contacting our sales offices by telephone, fax or e-mail. You may also request information on-line. To request information online, click here.
While there is no set deadline for submitting your deposit, we urge you to deposit as soon as possible to ensure adequate airline seats, hotel space and restaurants are available. For a group travelling in May, for example, we suggest for tours involving flights that you collect and submit all deposits by no later than October. A second payment would ideally be submitted in January, with a final payment due at least 60 days prior to departure. We suggest making all payments by cheque, however, in certain cases we will accept initial deposits by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. A $150 administration fee will be assessed on all final payments. This fee will be discounted if payments are made by cheque, wire transfer or online bank transfers.

Would it be possible for me to talk to someone regarding a particular tour?

Give us a call! 1-800-665-3998 In most cases, our well-travelled staff are able to provide you with first-hand information of the tour in question. Many of our staff members have participated on our tours, and they'll be happy to share their experiences with you. We also have a list of references who'll be happy to share their experiences with you.