Tour Safety


The health and safety of our travellers is always our #1 priority, and moreso now than ever. To ensure your well-being and provide peace of mind, we have created enhanced health and safety protocols for our tours as we move toward a responsible return to travel. These new procedures will be in line with recommendations from the World Health Organization and the World Travel & Tourism Council's (WTTC) Safe Travel Protocols for tour operators. As we continue to make changes, we will keep this page updated with our latest information.

We will do all we can to ensure our travellers' safety and health while on our adventures, but we also need your help—by working together, we can create a safe and enjoyable travel experience for everyone.

  • For the greatest peace of mind and protection, we require all participants and Tour Leaders to be fully-vaccinated for Covid-19 at least 14 days prior to their arrival on tour. We also require that all coach drivers and local step-on guides be similarly protected.

  • All participants and staff support must be in possession of masks and be prepared to wear them indoors and outdoors when physical distancing cannot be maintained, on transport, or when requested by your Tour Leader. Some establishments and jurisdictions visited may also have their own masking requirements.

  • All modes of transportation will be sanitized regularly, with all high-touch areas disinfected between each use. We'll work closely with our restaurant and hotel partners to ensure they are following local sanitation guidelines and our standards. We ask that you bring a supply of hand sanitizer with you; we'll provide sanitizer when entering and leaving transport.

  • We have always prided ourselves in having some of the smallest groups in the business, with an average group size of 12-14 travellers. Depending on regulations at destination, we may need to further reduce the group size (or split the group) for some activities or on some days in order to provide travellers with even more 'personal space'. Meals will be served in small groups as much as possible, with individually plated meals or staff-served buffets. Wherever appropriate and available, we will provide sanitized listening devices to allow for less crowding during guided visits.

  • As we continue to keep up-to-date with local developments we are in regular contact with our partners regarding possible adjustments to our tour itineraries. As things continue to evolve and we get closer to being able to operate again, we may need to make some changes to the activities or destinations included on your tour to comply with advice from local authorities or health and safety protocols. We will endeavour to keep travellers updated before departure. An open mind and sense of flexibility will help you get the most out of your tour.


Planning and executing a successful tour has always been a shared responsibility and, more than ever, we'll be relying upon our intrepid travellers to do their part to heed the advice and instructions provided pre-trip, and from our Tour Leaders and local partners at destination. It's up to all of us to ensure that we embark on future adventures with respect and consideration for one another and those we encounter along the way. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a safe and rewarding experience for all and a happy and healthy return home.


Pre-pandemic, our decision to 'guarantee' a tour was limited primarily to the minimum number of participants we needed in order to make a tour viable. For the unforeseeable future, however, ever-changing conditions worldwide add an important new dimension, such that guaranteeing a tour will rely not only on group size, but also on the feasibility of running your chosen itinerary safely and practically given its particular logistical realities. For the next year or so, the days of guaranteeing trips 4-6 months off will likely give way to a new model whereby it may be necessary for us to go "down to the wire" with our long-standing 60-day confirmation deadline. While it is never ideal to leave our travellers hanging, we will be extra cautious with our optimism before clearing you to purchase flights, acquire any visas, and pay the balance owing on your tour.

We will endeavour to provide a full refund/credit for cancelled tour-related services; ancillary services such as flights will be governed by the suppliers' policies. Many travel industry suppliers have temporarily eased their cancellation policies in light of current realities; however, we cannot guarantee this. More than ever before, it is critical that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance, specifically Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage.

We will not require participants to submit proof of vaccination in advance of the program, but participants must bring their vaccination card, a copy of the card, or an electronic verification to show proof when travelling to and during the tour. You must also be prepared to attest in advance that you will be fully vaccinated prior to the tour.

No, we will not require you to submit a negative COVID-19 test result or any proof of health before joining the tour. Specific locations and entities, however, may have their own requirements. Because official rules and guidance can change at any time, it is up to the participant to be aware of the rules of the destination they are travelling to and those of the airline with which they are travelling.

Yes. For as long as this is a requirement, your Tour Leader will help you get a COVID-19 test before your flight home. The cost of this test is not included in the cost of your tour and will need to be paid locally by participants.

Should a participant become ill on tour, they should immediately notify the Tour Leader, who will assist in obtaining medical attention. If a participant develops symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or other communicable illnesses, they will be required to immediately self-isolate, both for their health and the welfare of the group. The Tour Leader will then contact a local doctor so he or she can evaluate the participant's symptoms, diagnose the illness, and provide appropriate information and guidance regarding treatment and care.

Participants who are ill and having symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will not be permitted to rejoin the program and will remain in self-isolation until they are evaluated by a medical professional who determines their condition is not contagious and clears them to resume group activities. Any costs associated with catching up with the tour will be borne by the participant or claimed against travel insurance as coverages allow. If a participant has a confirmed case of COVID-19 or other communicable and contagious disease, we will follow the guidance and requirements of the local medical and health authorities.

Because participants and Tour Leaders will be vaccinated against COVID-19, it is unlikely a program will be interrupted or terminated due to a government-mandated quarantine order. However, in the event a program is cut short due to quarantine, we will endeavour to issue all participants a pro-rated credit towards a future tour; however, we cannot guarantee that it will represent 100% of the unused balance. More than ever before, it is critical that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance that will provide coverage for such a scenario.

We will do our best to ensure everyone receives the help and support they may need; however, participants should be aware that all expenses for medical treatment, as well as additional food, lodging, or transportation expenses due to extended self-isolation or quarantine, are the sole responsibility of the participant.

Many thanks for your patience, understanding, and ongoing support!

Global Educational Travel staff, management, Tour Leaders and worldwide partners and colleagues.

Please note that these measures are subject to change at any time and may be different in certain areas due to local restrictions, or altered as new information about the virus becomes available. Review our general FAQ's here.

Last updated 12 May 2021