I've taken college students abroad with other companies and have found Global Educational Travel by Adventures Abroad to be outstanding in every capacity. They worked with me from the beginning to ensure that our itinerary matched the academic expectations of my college as well as a very reasonable price tag for the students. It was amazing that when an airline strike a week prior to departure had canceled our flights for 61 passengers we were rebooked within 48 hours. Upon our arrival we found that the tour guides were friendly, very knowledgeable, and committed to working with me to incorporate topics from our classroom into the learning experience. Overall, students gained a better understanding of the cultural and environmental aspects of the region that a semester in a classroom would not be able to accomplish and this company made sure no details were missed. I have already booked another trip with Adventures Abroad and look forward to working with them for many years to come. I would highly recommend this company for any college/university classes with a study abroad component.
David Fyfe - Group Organizer, York College
Destination: Vietnam Tour
Hoi An and Mai Chau were my favorites. Also Cambodia. Excellent local guides. Excellent transportation. Meals were even better than expected. Jonathan, our tour leader, was a true professional; knowledgeable about the area and attended to every detail regarding our arrangements. Excellent trip great service.
Pamela Gunter-Smith - President, York College
Destination: Vietnam Tour
I am York College faculty and have been on many trips organized by Dr. Fyfe. This was just one more fantastic adventure! Halong Bay was outstanding! Excellent transportation. Outstanding meals! Jonathan is WONDERFUL! I have never met someone this knowledgeable. Outstanding attitude. Cannot say enough good things about Jonathan.
Marsha Souza - Falculty, York College
Destination: Vietnam Tour
Traveling to Egypt and Jordan with Adventures Abroad was one of the best decisions I have made. Our high school group's entry into the Arab world was filled with visits to bazaars, dancing, great conversations, and spectacular historical sites- the kind that leave people breathless at the beauty. From the beginning, Adventures Abroad worked tirelessly with me on our itinerary, accommodating my basic precondition that students experience as much as possible and not be insulated from the people. We sailed down the Nile on seven person feluccas, rode camels and hiked with Bedouins for two days in Wadi Rum, and had conversations with all ages of locals in bazaars and in our overnight stay at a Jordanian school. Whether we were eating dinner with Nubian villagers or descending by donkey into Valley of the Kings, Adventures Abroad made sure our trip pulsed with activity and history. There were no unwelcome surprises, no extra fees, and flexibility was always in play. We all fell in love with our exuberant guide, Serra, who navigated this trip with such a sense of adventure and knowledge. We will definitely use Adventures Abroad again!
Margo McAlear - Group Organizer, Park Tudor
Destination: Egypt - Jordan Tour
Adventures Abroad gave me the best service, which was why I selected them. The tour in 2011 was amazing, hence we booked with them again for 2012 How would you rate this tour overall? Seeing the 'main attractions': Excellent Local excursions: Excellent Overall experience: Excellent [Tour Leader] Diego [Vidal] has such a good understanding of the culture and history of Ecuador, so delivered a lot of important information to our group. He had also creatively arranged the itinerary such that we would get a variety of cultural experiences.
Louise B - Group Organizer, Holy Cross High School
Destination: Ecuador & Galapagos
Adventures Abroad has done a fantastic job arranging both my Egypt and China trips. I am impressed with their organizational skills, flexibility, and great staff both in-house and tour guides.
Beth Jacoby
Destination: China Tour
A++ tour! Immaculate! Jonathan Hodgins was an exceptional tour guide, and he quickly became a good friend to all of us on this tour. He knew all the historical facts really well, knew the culture really well, and was entertaining and informative throughout the entiretrip. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a guide to tour with. As far as the local guides: In Turkey, Oktay was amazing. He was very informative about the sights we saw and the history behind them, and he also quickly became a good friend with all of us on the trip. Departing from him to travel to Greece was the one sad point for our tour group. Nickoletta on Santorini and Christina in Delphi were also great tour guides. Christina captured all of our attention by engaging us with questions. She also made us think about how the pieces in the museum originally looked on the site, and their initial purposes when they were created. She was not only informative, but inspirational with her words.
Christopher Hartlaub
Destination: Turkey Tour
Wonderful time, life-changing trip! Tour Leader was very knowledgeable about all the areas we toured, and knew of his favorite local spots to go. Never steered us wrong. Always had good advice and willing to help anyone out however he could. Was very generous and seemed to enjoy our company as well.
Lindsay Beth Laker
Destination: Greece Tour
Excellent, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience!! Johnathan was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable, had a great personality, kept everyone entertained on our long bus trips with jokes and stories, was very organized and extremely helpful. If I could give him a better rating than 'Excellent' I would!!
Rebecca Kowalczik
Destination: Turkey & Greece Tour
Excellent, Our local guide for Turkey was extremely informative and very entertaining. I think the entire group was able to learn and ask questions, knowing that he would be more than willing to answer questions and explain in more detail. He did a wonderful and absolutley amazing job.
Shannon Nicole Blair
Destination: Turkey & Greece Tour
My favourite excursions were the hike in the mountains to the house of the native Vietnamese family and the cruise where we went kayaking near the caves. Dubai dune ride was great too. Each local guide was friendly and knowledgeable. Our tour leader Jonathan could navigate the politics and culture of the area without offending anyone, which is a difficult skill to have. Jonathan answered our questions easily, even when he had just said that a second ago. He was very patient and always fun. He checked in with each person and was friendly and accommodating to our specific needs. I appreciated his knowledge of the area and that he could cite historical references. Excellent tour.
Marian Lorence
Destination: Vietnam Tour
Heard about the tour through York College of Pennsylvania. Decided to go because of the great experience I had with the York College China trip that Adventures Abroad put together. Favorite excursion was hiking through the mountains near Mai Chau. I loved seeing the countryside and how native people live. The village of Mai Chau alone was also a favorite experience. Our guides were all kind and very well informed. The buses we used were all clean and well kept. The driver and staff performed their duties well. Jonathan, our tour leader, is very mindful of his surroundings and the needs of his tour group. He is also very charismatic/personable and very good at bridging the cultural or language gap between local guides and western tourists. He is also very organized and sure to communicate the day's plans clearly to the group. He was very knowledgeable about the countries we visited. I have had a great experience with Global Educational Travel by Adventures Abroad.
Susan Johnson
Destination: Vietnam Tour
Hoi An was wonderful, as well as Halong Bay. The overnight train was cool. We had a number of local guides. Twi was wonderful. Tuan was hilarious. Sothi was also good, very interesting life story and it was wonderful to hear experiences like that first hand. There is no better personality than that of Jonathan, our tour leader. His organization was impeccable. Would love to go to a trivia night with this guy, learned so much from him, both in causal conversation and formal presentations.
Ericka Mongeau
Destination: Vietnam Tour
AA handled our flight disruptions (the BA strike) very efficiently and effectively. Couldn't ask for better service in a difficult circumstance (rebooking 60 seats to egypt with 1 week notice). The food completely exceeded my expectations. Our dinners were almost universally excellent and interesting - and we never encountered obviously "tourist" sort of food, which was great. We always had clear instructions on where/when we were meeting and what we were doing well in advance. Rob Kruse had us every place on time, despite multiple circumstances that could have made that task difficult. Most of the time Rob knew more about what we were doing/seeing than any of our local guides. I appreciated that he would step in and give us useful information when the local guide couldn't cut it. He clearly spent time during the trip studying up on the next places we were seeing to make sure he could answer questions from the group. Rob is a truly exceptional tour leader - far and away the best I have had on multiple similar trips with other companies. I understand he is taking some much deserved time off soon and I think this will only make him more effective on those trips he takes in the future. If I decide to organize a trip myself from Penn State I would go out of my way to try and snag him as the tour leader.
Anthony Christian R. - Student
Destination: Egypt Tour
I was very pleased with the way in which Adventures Abroad handled the British Airlines strike. They made it very easy on us and helped ensure that we would be getting to our destination on time. I really enjoyed the felucca trip on the nile. Getting to sit back and relax all while forming close relationships was a highlight of my trip. I also enjoyed going inside the pyramids, the camel trek, and the Valley of the Kings. Meals were always very good, and I really enjoyed when we actually got to order something instead of a buffet style. I realize this is hard to do with such a large group, but having variety was very exciting after eating the same foods day after day. I was surprised how organized all of our tour was. Even though we sort of wandered from the itinerary every now and then, whatever we did was always well organized and planned out in a very systematic fashion. We were always on time and at the places we needed to be, with Rob collecting any documents he needed to and taking care of passport and airport issues.
Brandy F. - Student
Destination: Egypt Tour
I loved almost everything. The local places that we went to dinner at were probably my favorite. We experienced a lot of different cultures in a little time.
Amanda H. - Student
The food completely exceeded my expectations. Our dinners were almost universally excellent and interesting - and we never encountered obviously "tourist" sort of food, which was great. I wanted Egyptian food and we got it every time. AA handled our flight disruptions (the BA strike) very efficiently and effectively. Couldn't ask for better service in a difficult circumstance (rebooking 60 seats to egypt with 1 week notice).
Anthony R. - Student
Destination: Egypt Tour
About Tour Leader Rob Kruse: He had amazing background knowledge of the sites visitied, and was able to provide information about the region.
Bethany H. - Student
Destination: Egypt Tour
About Tour Leader Laura Rudderforth She is amazing. It truly impresses me how patient she is and how understanding she is. She took the time to get to know everyone. In the off-time, she would hang out with us. All the information she gave was great. i would 100% go on a trip that either of them {Laura Rudderforth/Rob Kruse} are leading again.
Jessica H. - Student
I enjoyed Abu Simbel. I also really liked the feluccas. The experience on the feluccas was relaxing, and it allowed me to see how people live along the Nile.
Katelyn P. - Student